Project Planning

Construction Feasibility planning |


The pre-construction plan outlines the planning of a project and the options to satisfy the client's needs. Part of this planning includes preparation for a construction project is choosing the most capable and reliable partners to provide the sources and best materials to begin the job. Pre-construction planning is essential for any construction project because it can provide massive benefits in efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce the overall cost of the project for both parties in the business.

| Construction Cost Estimating/ Review |


Construction cost estimating is the overall construction management process. We provide our clients with detailed pricing from a project's conception phase to closeout. We prepare cost estimates at various stages throughout the construction process for all projects, as well as educate our customers and provide valuable advice before/during the construction planning stage. We want to assure our clients that Once we start a new project together, that means that our clients are like family to us, in the process we always keep them informed both before the work begins, and while it's happening.

Project Operation


We are putting in use the best-updated materials to assure the safety and quality work of projects for our customers. Regardless of the size or cost of a project, we understand our client's need for honest communication; that's why communication in AHR highly valued; we believe that there is no substitute for excellent communication. We're ready to win your trust and partner with you, to create something remarkable and unique. We have total responsibility for a project from estimation to completion because we value our reputation on every project we manage and build.